Posted by: Eddie | February 21, 2012

The questionably cheaper B&N nook tablet

Barnes & Noble has announced a new nook tablet that matches the $199 Kindle Fire choice. Unfortunately they’ve also modified it to match the lower Kindle Fire storage (down from 16gb to 8gb) and memory (down from 1gb to 512mb).  That’s too bad, because the nook tablet needs to do more than match the Kindle Fire.  Amazon has a stronger app selection, a simpler UI for its not-as-technical audience, and tight integration with its Amazon Prime service that beats the pants off what B&N is offering for its B&N members.

That’s a shame because the nook tablet has a nicer screen, a micro SD slot, and a few other advantages that would make it tempting.  The other misstep B&N has made is tightening things up on the nook tablet to make it harder for rooters/modders and others who may be attracted by its better stats.

I hope I’m wrong, but this seems like the beginning of the end for the nook tablet.  We’ll see how long they hang in there, but I’m worried.

BARNES & NOBLE | NOOK Tablet™ – 8GB.


  1. I want a full featured 7.5-8″ iPad with a phone and e-reader in shade of grey on one side and color on the other,with a reversible cover for the side not being used. Are you listening AMAZON AND APPLE? Oh and 4G also.

    Thanks L.

    • With rumors of both a smaller iPad and a larger/more capable Kindle Fire being in the works Lawrence we’ll see how close they get to your ideal. 🙂

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