Posted by: Eddie | February 8, 2011

Silverlight not working for you? Try this.

I’ve had huge amounts of trouble running Silverlight for the last half year or so.  This is frustrating because there were some apps (Seesmic Desktop, e.g.) that I really wanted to try out but couldn’t get to run.  And, those handful of cool sites w/neat Silverlight stuff only elicited various error messages from my browsers (or outright crashes from IE.)  I sporadically searched in vain for the last few months with no luck. Until last night.

Once again I took a look around, and this time I found the solution!  It turns out that my disabling the Tablet Services process (because it interferes with a Wacom tablet I have) was unacceptable behavior as far as Silverlight was concerned.  The moment I restarted that service, Silverlight was all fat and happy and running without a care in the world.

I’m not going to get into the highly questionable dependency of Silverlight needing Tablet Services of all things to be running, and will just express my happiness that it’s working again.

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