Posted by: Eddie | February 7, 2011

Hello world, once again…

Well, it’s only been a little over half a year this time since my last post.  :::cough:::   I was playing around on tumblr for a while, but grew disenchanted after realizing that you couldn’t take advantage of common trackback features and so on when wanting to reference another blog’s post.  Plus, I just miss the increased range of features that WordPress has.  (And it’s not like my tumblr blog was that active anyway.)

So, starting today I’ll be focusing on my WordPress blog, and I will probably also port over my CloudMusic blog (a blog about subscription music services like Mog, Thumbplay, Rhapsody, Napster, Rdio, and the rest.)

This blog will still be my “catch all” for posting anything and everything of minor interest, and will be closely related to my Twitter stream.  I’m also karmamule on twitter, and please feel free to follow me there as well.

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