Posted by: Eddie | March 15, 2010

A Late Ugly Burn on my Cell

I love Google Voice’s voicemail transcription feature.  It’s sometimes accurate enough to give the gist of the voicemail, but usually is so comically inaccurate that it’s far more fun than any correctly transcribed message could ever be.  Take this recent message from my friend Michael canceling our lunch because the heavy rains led to a roof leak in his apartment that he had to deal with:

Hey Eddie, it’s Michael, I’m sorry to be calling you late ugly at. Some a debt of that through morning if between the they like you’ve returned, just standard time we were watching about last week prior alarms my do thing went off twice in the nineties. Because of rain sleeping in. I’ll be through the roof of, and coming down through this is Bob sectors, and I just thought I waited both thought I’d let you know that I was getting ready to leave a company that I that can probably imagine, cos I’m just heading to work now, so there’s no way I’m gonna be able to lunch an hour. Sorry about the tasks. Give me a call when I get to the office is open. You’re going to get this message. I’m sorry I probably don’t have your so we’re gonna burn on my cell here and I’ll see you. Talk to you later. Bye.

Thank you, Google Voice, for a message that gave me far much more enjoyment than the actual text of what he said would have!

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