Posted by: Eddie | December 11, 2009

Droid OTA Firmware Update / Favorite Apps

My Droid got a firmware update yesterday, and after nearly a couple days’ use the performance is noticeably crisper and smoother. I like the new lock/unlock and mute/unmute graphics. I’m sure they’ll be less confusing for new users. Part of me rather liked the arc, but the new design is fine.

I also noticed that the power control widget’s appearance is much improved, with larger, bolder icons and a more noticeable darker background.

While I’m talking about the Droid, I might as well mention some of my favorite apps I’ve recently added:

  • Goggles: This is simply amazing. I took some pictures of landmarks around Boston, and it recognized them. I took a picture of a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup, and it recognized it. I took a photo of images of Marilyn Monroe and then Tom Brady: you guessed it, it recognized them!
  • Backgrounds: A huge choice of some very lovely screen backgrounds to choose from. No more boring jet black backgrounds like the iPhone locks you into.
  • Seesmic: Now my favorite Twitter app for the Droid. Loic Le Meur’s being hot has nothing to do with my liking it. Nope, nothing. <.<
  • Google Sky Map: Way, way cool. I’m looking forward to trying it out on some clear, starry night that isn’t so frigid.

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