Posted by: Eddie | December 6, 2009

Egregious Cross-Promotion

I know that advertisers are feeling threatened by DVRs, but in their efforts to compensate by inserting more intrusive cross-promotion content they are compromising the series they are doing this to.

It’s one thing to maybe have a particular soda brand placed obviously in the background, but to have entire scenes centering around a cross-promotion is going way too far.

The first example that really annoyed me was Eureka having people drool over a new car that one of them had. They actually went so far as to start listing features and extolling how well it drove.

I just got done watching a recent Bones episode (the one with the videogame-playing mailman boiled in fry oil), and they have an even more egregious cross-promotion with the movie Avatar. At first there was a brief mention, and knowing that one of the actors in the show has a minor part in the movie I was willing to forgive that.

But, it doesn’t stop there. They then have another scene with some of the characters watching trailers for the movie on a large office monitor, and they start effusing how it is “so much more than just a sci-fi movie” and going on how great it is We then have extended scenes with them taking turns waiting in line for it, with plenty more opportunities for showing posters and other imagery/mentions of the movie.

I wonder how writers view all this? I would imagine it is more than a little frustrating to have to insert these sorts of things into your series.

In any case, much more of this sort of thing and I’ll start dropping series that continue to offend. I have more than enough content to watch, and I’ll always give preference to that content which doesn’t try to shove additional helpings of advertising down my throat.

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