Posted by: Eddie | December 2, 2009

Keeping one foot in

Here’s another quick ’round-up’ post of brief thoughts, musings, and other tidbits. Feel free to ask for elaboration on any point:

  • Still loving my Droid. It looks like I’ll be keeping it and canceling the iPhone line later this week.
  • Still waiting for nook. In theory my December 11th ship date is still intact, but given B&N missed their November 30th shipment I remain skeptical
  • I am not, however, ‘outraged’, ‘incensed’, or otherwise indignant over this. I won’t be rushing to get a Kindle in the meantime. (Of course, I already have one, so even if I were upset I couldn’t threaten that.)
  • Speaking of my Kindle, the longer battery life is a huge and very noticeable improvement. Very nice.
  • If you want a silly Diablo clone, try Torchlight.
  • Dragon Age is still awesome. I’m still turtle-slow in playing it.
  • Lie to Me is an enjoyable show, but damn their plotlines have been getting really exaggerated recently.
  • More Fringe please.

That’s about it for now.


  1. Hi, is it on your DX that you are experiencing longer battery life as a result of the firmware upgrade?

    • Hi Windwalker, yes I have a Kindle DX, and I do think it’s due to the firmware upgrade. The one odd thing is that I noticed a big improvement in battery life a couple weeks before the firmware update was actually announced. I’m not sure if it started going out earlier than announced or I’m imagining things, but my battery life is now definitely MUCH longer than when i first got my DX a few months ago.

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