Posted by: Eddie | November 2, 2009

Keeping one foot in

Yet another woeful gap between posts. Like other semi-attentive bloggers with the best of intentions, I have let a large amount of time pass between blog posts. I don’t have any one particular thing to post about, so I thought I’d list a few random thoughts on various media/games/etc. that I’ve enjoyed and/or have caught my eye recently:

  • Wasn’t sure how much I liked Dollhouse in season one, but it got better near the end of the season, and I’m consistently liking season two so far. The episode ‘Belonging’ was especially good.
  • Finished reading Greg Keyes’ “Kingdom of Thorn and Bone” 4-volume series. It has many of the merits of Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series: strong characters, compelling plot, well-detailed world, etc. It also lacks many of the qualities that diminish that series: over-indulgent length, excessive repetition of character tics that make some of them seem like fantasy equivalents of Detective Monk (Nynaeve, stop tugging that fucking braid!!!), and a disciplined (yet still generous and fleshed out) story arc. A well done traditional high fantasy series that deserves more attention.
  • I normally don’t like drum-n-bass as an electronica sub-genre, but Venetian Snares CDs are amazing.
  • Other (more traditional) electronica artists I’ve enjoyed recently: Crookers and Zombie Nation.
  • Several excellent games I’ve played recently: Risen is woefully overlooked, Borderlands is dumb fun, Fallout 3 deserves all its accolades, and Uncharted 3 is the most graphically beautiful game I’ve played in just about forever.
  • I hope Dragon Age: Origins deserves to be on that list too. If the IGN UK review of it by Andrew Smee is any indicator, it will be. (Great review by the way: describes the game well WITHOUT giving away any great detail on the plot.)
  • Batman Arkham Asylum seems overrated to me.
  • Would it be terribly stupid to get Barnes & Noble’s “Nook” e-reader when I already have the Kindle?
  • Anyways, that’s it for now.

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