Posted by: Eddie | August 9, 2009

MST3K-induced Nostalgia

Last week on Woot they had a deal to get three MST3K DVD collections for the price of one, so I ordered it.  It arrived on Friday and I just watched a couple this morning.  (Manhunt in Space & Mad Monster).  Manhunt was great fun (early cheesy 50’s sci-fi), and Mad Monster is interesting in that it was a Season 1 episode, and I had never seen that season. Not too funny as far as their usual standard, but even a bad MST3K is still very enjoyable.

I was really hit by a wave of nostalgia while watching these.  I remember first stumbling upon MST3K in the 90’s, and being instantly hooked.  (It didn’t hurt that I also got a bit of a crush on goofy, always-seeming-sleepy Joel) There are very few TV shows that have ever made me laugh so consistently as this.  It brings back many, many fond memories.

They did seem to cancel it at the right time, you could tell things were getting a bit “by the book” by the time they ended it.  Still, it is a TV classic and I am very thankful to all the people that were involved in getting that show on the air.

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