Posted by: Eddie | August 6, 2009

Cyber Bullies

Poor Twitter, the victim of Denial-of-Service attacks. It’s really sad that someone would get some sort of satisfaction or pleasure over disrupting a service that so many people use every day, and get so much enjoyment from that use. They are the psychological equivalents of those bullies in childhood who, seeing a few smaller kids building a sandcastle or doing something similarly creative, would come over and kick/plow their way through it, and then stand back to enjoy the tears and unhappiness.

Whatever anger or rage or frustration leads you to think there’s satisfaction in such virtual violence, you’re wrong. It’s not the way to deal with it. Look to your own mind, the architect and author of your suffering.


  1. Follow-up to my post: it was interesting to see that this was a political move of sorts, some people trying to silence another.

    It doesn’t seem to have worked though. It just drew more attention to him, and made a great many people resent them, regardless of any merits their position may have had or not.

    You can never stop ideas in the long-term. Although, if someone truly succeeded, would we ever know? 😉

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