Posted by: Eddie | June 23, 2009

I’d love to see Pandora partner with Zune or Napster

Right now I build up a list of cool songs I hear on Pandora, then every once in awhile I’ll plow through the list to see what I can add to my Zune or Napster libraries.  It takes awhile to manually look up a few dozen songs, and it would be wonderful if Pandora could partner with one or both of those services to make the process easier:

Suppose I’m listening to Pandora and hear a song I really like.  I’d love to be able to then click a button and if the song is available as part of my Zune/Napster subscription it gets added to my library automatically.  If it isn’t available for download, but is available for purchase then it takes me to the appropriate purchase screen.  If completely unavailable in any of my subscription services then I’m told that so I can search for it elsewhere.

If Pandora were willing to partner a little more closely with one of these services, then it would be truly wonderful to see them get Pandora’s algorithms etc. for building custom music playlists based on the available libraries of subscription music.  It would give either Zune or Napster a huge leg-up on the competition, IMHO, and would be another revenue stream for Pandora.

I suppose this is just dreaming on my part, but wouldn’t it be nice!

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