Posted by: Eddie | June 22, 2009

Everquest 2 has GPU-based shadows now!

A couple days ago I was looking at the discussion forums for Everquest 2, and was very happy to see in their update notes that one of the most recent updates had new game engine logic so that shadows could run on the GPU rather than the CPU.  That, plus the relatively recent update that allows them to better take advantage of multi-core processors now means that EQ2 can finally run with the silky smooth framerate it should on higher-spec systems.

The GPU-based shadows still have some odd behaviors here and there, but overall they look quite nice, and being able to max out almost all settings and still get beautiful fps was enough of an incentive for me to re-subscribe to my Station Access Pass for awhile.  I’ll probably check out the current state of Vanguard while I’m at it, and maybe dip my toes into Free Realms and see what all the fuss is about.

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