Posted by: Eddie | June 11, 2009

inFamous and Prototype on the PS3

I’m not giong to go into too much detail since many good reviews are out there now for both games, but it is striking how similar the two are.  Both are set in an open-ended large metropolitan area.  They each give you a nice selection of main quest/storyline missions as well as side missions, and offer very strong graphics, music, and sound.

Prototype has more variety of powers and the controls are definitely more intricate.  You do feel more powerful, often killing your enemies in a single attack.  inFamous, on the other hand, has  a smaller and focused power set that mostly is electrical-related, and most enemies take multiple shots to take down unless you want to use up a good chunk of your power on special attacks.

Even well into the game I can still be amazed at times at how many shots I have to use on an individual enemy (unless I get a headshot).  In Prototype you can just rip through masses of nasties with a couple hits of a button, so it’s more consistent in feeling like a superhero.  You can also quickly scale almost any building as opposed to doing the sometimes frustrating hunt for handholds in inFamous.  Between this and the wider range of powers, Prototype gets the nod in this regard.

The world of inFamous is a little more surreal and comic-book like.  The city is more like a Megalopolis or Gotham than a real-life New York city.  There are huge sculptures, a giant orrery, and other things scattered about the city you wouldn’t find in the ‘real world’.  Prototype’s city feels very much like an actual city.  Which is preferable is a matter of opinion, but I find myself enjoying looking around the slightly less real city of inFamous more than that of Prototype.

I also appreciate inFamous’ offering noble or brutal paths through the game, whereas Prototype has one consistent tone: vengeance.  I definitely prefer inFamous here.  However, Prototype *almost* makes up for that by letting you assume disguises and wander amidst your enemies without them knowing who you really are.  Very fun, and it gives a nice variety in how you can approach each mission.

In the end, both are very strong games.  They’re a bit too much alike in some ways, and I’m worried Prototype will suffer in comparison simply because I’ll have spent so much time playing infamous immediately beforehand.  If I’m disciplined maybe I’ll save Prototype “for a rainy day”, but, I doubt it.

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