Posted by: Eddie | May 20, 2009

Quite amazing when you think about it….

One of NASA’s astronauts, Mike Massimino, has been sending tweets from orbit.  (He’s @Astro_Mike on Twitter).  It just struck me today as I read a couple of his messages how amazing this was, that someone orbiting around the earth could tap out a quick message in the space shuttle and a few moments later it appears as a pop-up on my PC while I’m busy coding away during my (slightly more boring) work day.

Every once in a while I feel disappointed at where technology has gone (and has NOT gone) compared to the sorts of things I imagined as a child, or we were shown in movies like 2001.  But, while marveling at things like this which we never saw coming, but are now almost ‘ordinary’ in a certain sense, that it strikes me that  technological progress, while certainly different from what we imagined, is nevertheless quite astounding in its own right.  Its integration into our day-to-day lives may make it harder to appreciate, but I like to occasionally take some time to look at these “mundane” things from a different angle, and see how wondrous they are from that perspective.

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