Posted by: Eddie | May 15, 2009

Fish & Chips Fridays: The Times

Our first stop:  The Times is at 112 Broad St. in Boston, right near the Rose Kennedy Greenway.  They have great outdoor seating that is a bit noisy because it’s right next to a couple busy streets, but is nevertheless very enjoyable to sit at on a sunny, warm day like today.

We’ve always thought they have some of the best ‘pub food’ in the area here, so we had high hopes for the fish & chips.  The quick verdict:  We’re starting off with a strong contender, but there’s definitely room for them to be surpassed by others.

The portions are decent (Scott got literally twice the amount of fish I did, but he was kind enough to share a bit).  The fish was very light and flakey, with more of a buttery than a beer-batter taste.  Each piece would fall apart at the lightest touch.  The tartar sauce was quite good: flavorful without being overpowering.

The fries were good.  I’d like them cooked a bit more, but they were still tasty, and the serving wasn’t overwhelming.  Definitely better than your average pub fries.

Someone who doesn’t normally like fish may really like The Times’ fish & chips because of the mild taste.  I’d prefer it if there was a stronger beer batter taste to the batter, and would have liked the fish to be just a touch less light and flakey, and a little more substantial.  But, overall a very good start.

Grade: B+

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