Posted by: Eddie | August 1, 2008

Forgetting can be Fun

Most people have had the delightful experience of waking up, thinking they had to get up and go to work, and then realizing it’s the weekend and they get to sleep in after all.  (Let’s not even think of the reverse: the horror of initially thinking it’s a weekend morning and suddenly waking up enough to realize it IS a workday after all.)

I had an even rarer experience today, that was absolutely wonderful.  I was reading mail and checking my calendar in Outlook, and wanted to add a task for next Monday.  When I switched to next week I saw an all-day event on Monday that turned out to be — a vacation day!  I had scheduled it a few months ago and completely forgotten about it.

Suddenly my ordinary two-day weekend is a three-day weekend, and it makes the Friday night even more enjoyable than normal.

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